Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What a weekend

We had a great family weekend, with absolutely no plans. It seems to be the way to go for us. We always seem to have the best times when we dont plan to do anything imparticular. Matt had to work on Saturday of course, for his second job. He works so hard to support us all so I dont have to work and can be home with my baby and concentrate on school. What a wonderful husband I have. Anyways, we had a bbq at his mothers with all of his family, there is a ton of them, and it went really well. There have been times that I have been more then ready to come home after a wonderful night with his family, but this time was different. Everyone was in a good mood and his mother, God love her, was actually really nice. She can at times be a little difficult to deal with, LOL! But needless to say it was a lot of good old fashioned family fun.

On Sunday we woke up without a plan and decided to go check out some lawn sales, instead we ended up at Walmart(not much different then a lawn sale,LOL)and got the girls a slip and slide and a sprinkler thing and new making bathing suits, so cute. We set them up when we got home and they played until they were blue and freezing. I never knew how much joy $14 worth of water toys could bring my kids, but I'll remember that.

Of course Monday we had the parade in town. The first one Mary Kay has really seen, she loved the marching band and the fact that everyone would clap when they went by, she was clapping the whole time. Its wonderful to see the excitement in your childrens eyes to watch such a simple thing. Its unbelievable the things we take for granted as adults.

After the parade we got the girls changed into there suits and tons and tons of sun screen, and away they went. Two hours later, mommy was burnt to a crisp, all except for a couple patches on each arm where the kids sun screen rubbed off on me. Its really attractive, you should see, LOL!!Later that night we had a bbq and I made fruit pizza and it was fabulous!! It was just an all around wonderful RELAXING weekend!! We havent had one of them in so long. Its helps me to remember to stop and appreciate all the small things in life that I over look quite often. Like how beautiful and talanted my Emma Grace is and how intreging Mary Kay is because she is discovering everything for the first time. Again another reason to stop and thank God for all of our blessings. We may not have had a huge elaborate vacation weekend, but we made the most of what we had.



Sometimes its those no plan weekends that are the best! You have an adorable blog:)

I'm following you from MBC:)


Thansk, Im headed over to check out your blog and follow you too!! Its great finding new friends on here!!


I big puffy heart weekends just like that too! It sounds very similar ours, slip-n-slide and all :)

Sheek Shindigs

I am following from MBC

Lesa Antone

Hi Danielle, Thanks for the comment on my blog (Expect Success!!) about working from home. I am now following you so I hope to keep in touch!

You've got a gorgeous family!!! And that includes you!!

I will be continuing to write about working from home exclusively for the next few days, and then will always have some sort of tip mixed in on most other days. I have done both working for other people and now am working for myself. Both are very different and have their ups-and-downs. It's really all about what you want. And yes, you are right. The scams can be crazy! That is what I am hoping to help people sort through.

If you ever have any questions, please let me know. You can either comment my page, find me on the MBC or email me directly. I'm always happy to help however I can!!

Talk soon!


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