Friday, May 28, 2010

feeling insignificant

Im praying today that I am not the only mother feeling overwhelmed at times. It seems society has put a lot more responsibility on us mothers now a days to be more than what we can be. Sometimes I feel like Im running in circles trying to get everything together and everyone where they are supposed to be and dinner done and college preparations and diaper changes, house chores done, and balancing a checkbook and paying bills, and ect, ect, ect....And that is all within one days time. Its too much, its to much for me and its too much for anyone. From now on Im gonna stop all this madness, and stop feeling like Im a so so mother just because I dont live up to our societies expectations. I think we should all stop and take a look at whats important in life. Thats our family and close friends. Thats whats important. Because whether we have the best of everything and our kids are dressed the best and at every sporting event they can possibly be at, none of it matters unless we have love.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Waking up on the wrong side of the Bed

So, I get up at 5:15 this morning, yes fifteen minutes later then usual, not a big deal right?? Well, wrong I guess. Apparently my husband had to leave early this morning and pick up another co-worker, and he needed to take my car and leave me with nothing to drive while I have a dentist appointment this afternoon that I obviously need the car for. So I say to him, I have that dentist appointment and I need the car, not a big deal, I'll figure out how to get it, right? WRONG! Well apparently, he told me all about needing the car yesterday and I never listen to a @#@$# thing he says,stomp stomp stomp, no one ever listens to him, stomp stomp stomp, you'll have to figure something out, stomp stomp stomp, slam door, see ya later, love ya! What a way to start the day! So, I went back to bed, and when I got up, I got up from the bottom of the bed, hoping this would change the rest of the days out far, so good, LOL!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

All about me

Where to start...Ok, I'm a mother and a wife and soon will be a nursing student. I start college this fall and I am so excited and so nervous at the same time. I'm praying that God will give me the confidence in myself to do my best. I'm sure He will.
Ok, so lets talk about my girls. I have two beautiful girls. Emma Grace is 8 years old and Mary Kathryn is 21 months old. They are both wonderfully opinonated and strong girls. But both still need all of mama's attention. I also have three step teenagers....yes teenagers. Samantha is 19 and out on her own at this point, Brianna is 16 and she is trying to find her place in life and then there is Cody, he's 18 and the first teenage boy, and only teenage boy, I will ever deal with.I'm so glad I had girls!!! But I love them all, they are fabulous.
And Last but definetly not least, My Husband, Matthew Eric. I love him so so so much. I never believed there was really a true sole mate for each of us until I met him.He is fantastic. He is a super hard worker and he provides for all of us. I really cant say a single bad thing about him, at least today I cant, hahaha!!
Well that is all me, My family is my life, they mean the world to me. I try to do everything to make them all happy everyday. I thank the Lord each and everyday for all of them, without them, I wouldnt be me....

Daily Prayers

So, I am a stay at home mother who is going stir crazy lately. I try to get out and do things to brighten up my day, but...if I go out, nothing gets done inside the house. I swear, as much as I love my husband and kids, all 5 of them, they are all giant slobs. We are currently living in a crappy house, that we have seemed to make our own, because its where we have to be right now. I keep praying for a mansion, but I guess Im gonna have to wait a while for that. Like I always say, we must thank God for our blessings each and everyday. And I think thats the only thing that keeps me sane sometimes.