Thursday, June 10, 2010

Living with a strick schedule

Recently I have noticed that I live on this rediculous schedule. If anything throws it off I am completly thrown for a loop. I feel like everything in my day has to be done at a certain time or in a certain time frame. I literally do the same thing nearly everyday.
My father is a truck driver and has been for years. He decided he was in the area and wanted to stop for dinner. Needless to say, I was completely unprepared. He of course wanted dinner, but I was worried that I didnt have enough. I only cook just enough, cause my family doesnt like leftovers??go figure. Plus, I had to wait for him to get here to eat, which was not untill like 7:00. We eat at 6:00 everynight, so that was the first thing. Then, I had to of course give the girls a bath, should have been done by 7, but never got done till like 8:30. And then Emma never got to bed till 9 which is an hour past her bed time. Which makes it very hard for me in the morning. She is a girl that needs her sleep. So after all of that and all the lateness, my father, God love him, never left here till like 11:30. My day starts at 5:15 am every morning so the next morning we were all so exhausted. I know it sounds like something simple and little to most people, but I keep a strict scedule for many reasons and mostly its to avoid meltdowns from my husband and kids. Needless to say we are all still trying to get caught up from the glitch in our schedule. SO after all of this my question is HOW? How do I become a more flexible person and not be stuck in such a routine? And How do I cope with it all when my schedule is thrown off?



WoW! I can definitely relate to this and am trying to find answers to these same questions everyday. I think you'll really enjoy some of my posts too.

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All I can say is good for you to know what you need and to follow through with it. I know I need a schedule but I don't stick to it much and it often make me feel out of control and crazy.
I completely feel you on the bedtime thing and am the same way. However this summer I have been trying not to be so regimented with it and I am finding that it isn't the end of the world. So yes getting out of your routine may throw you off but you seem to have what it takes to get right back on so I don't think you should beat yourself up for the way you are. There are many things that you could do that were worse then having it together. Good for you!

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Try to change things around slowly. Take out something here and there, but keep your general routine. Then you can get used to things changing without it throwing off your whole day!! It is really hard though - especially with little kiddos


Thanks everyone for your great idea's and support. I really appreciate any advice I can get at times. Please continue to check out my blog as Im sure I will be needing a lot more advice in the future since I start college in August and we are thinking about buying a house...I am definelty going to need to vent on all these life altering changes, LOL
Thanks Again!!

Mama Hen

Hey there! Thanks for entering my giveaway! Good luck! I am one to have a basic schedue. I think we all have to. I always make sure that my daughter gets the same bed time routine. It comforts her and she sleeps much better. But sometimes things come up that change the schedule and thats ok too. Kind of have tp go with the flow! Have a great day!

Mama Hen


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I'm a schedule freak - probably because I take care of 4 kids most days - 2 that aren't mine. So... take baby steps and give yourself a break.

We can be our worst critics.


Thanks everyone for being so supportive. its great to know there are crazy people our there just like me, LOL!! I'll be posting again soon, been so crazy busy trying to re-adjust to the new"summer" schedule.
Thanks again!!

Kari Day

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I don't know if I am the best person to ask about a schedule. I can hear that you were really thrown off track by your evening with your father. It would have thrown me too, but for a million different reasons. Honestly, the only way to be more flexible is to let go of some of the things you want done. Example, your daughter just doesn't get a bath that night and goes to bed at her regular time. I know that isn't a good answer, but I think it's the real answer.

I personally would love to be on more of a schedule.... I love what I do online, and I can get so caught up in it, that the other things don't get done in time. That's not good either. Maybe you and I could mesh ourselves together and be perfect? LOL

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