Monday, June 7, 2010

To work or Not to work

That is the question. Do I get a part time job or do we just struggle with money for the rest of the summer? I dont know what the best thing is for us and its a hard decision to make. There is a bartending job for about 5 hours a night that I could take, but that is five nights away from my husband and my kids just to make a few extra bucks. So, do I sacrafice my family time for money or do I just deal with not having any extra money? This never used to be a hard decision. I always worked my butt off and at times had three jobs outside of the home when Emma was little. But I missed so much of her life because of it. So I promised myself I wouldnt do that again and I have been home for two years. I refuse to put Mary into daycare so if I do work its the evening shifts, which means exhaustion and more stress for me. My husband already works two jobs now and he is thinking about going on the road driving truck again for better money, but I really really really do not want that to happen. SO whats the right choice to make? No matter what we do, we are some how sacraficing time with our kids. The economy stinks!!!



Hey Danielle :) Have you thought about something you could do from home? You mentioned crafts -- you could make and sell on etsy or ebay.

I write articles from home for Demand Studios -- mostly crafting or food type articles, but the pay is pretty decent (especially from home!). I think I saw you mention on Facebook that you were going back to school for nursing? Is that right? If so, Demand Studios owns Livestrong and they hire health writers for that as well.


I would love to work from home,but Im just confused on how to get started. I dont have a clue where to start or if Im qualified for some of the work. And yes I am going to nursing school in the fall and Im also doing work study while Im in school so its only gonna be temporary work for now. I wont have time to do much after school and home and kids. How do I get started on Deman Studios?


You have to apply and include a resume and a writing piece. The website is

There are no quotas or anything to fill, so you can write as much as you want all summer and then if you need extra money after you start school, you can write whenever :)


I have a paid referral program for my online kids clothing swap club. Details at the FAQ tab on the site You could definitely do that from home!

Jenny May McKim

I struggled with that big time as well when my maternity leave was up with my twins.... SERIOUSLY struggled.. I eventually quit after about 4 weeks being back to work...
I too needed to make some little extra income and I turned to Scentsy up here in Canada and I am sure you have heard of it in the US but that is what is doing it for me and much better than I thought..
it is hard... that do I leave my children and husband in the evenings and go make it more comfortable.. I feel for you..

I am sure you know about it but in case you do not..

I wish you the best in your decision (Visiting from MBC)


Thanks Jenny, I will definetly look into that. Any little bit will help right now. I will be checking into that soon. Im also trying to figure out how to sell some of my own things online. I make homeade jellies and jams. My husband wants to start selling honey and soaps made from honey comb and we have even talked about making our own cheese..the verdict is still out on that one. Anyways, I hope to hear from you again soon.


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