Friday, May 28, 2010

feeling insignificant

Im praying today that I am not the only mother feeling overwhelmed at times. It seems society has put a lot more responsibility on us mothers now a days to be more than what we can be. Sometimes I feel like Im running in circles trying to get everything together and everyone where they are supposed to be and dinner done and college preparations and diaper changes, house chores done, and balancing a checkbook and paying bills, and ect, ect, ect....And that is all within one days time. Its too much, its to much for me and its too much for anyone. From now on Im gonna stop all this madness, and stop feeling like Im a so so mother just because I dont live up to our societies expectations. I think we should all stop and take a look at whats important in life. Thats our family and close friends. Thats whats important. Because whether we have the best of everything and our kids are dressed the best and at every sporting event they can possibly be at, none of it matters unless we have love.



You are, by no means, the only one! Most days I feel like my body left my head somewhere else :)

Veronica Lee

You're certainly not alone. I feel like this too.

Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Love your blog.

Have a nice day!

Mama Grits

I think alot of moms feel this way! I know I do. I always feel like I am chasing myself! I used to work full time and I honestly think it's even more difficult being a stay at home mom. At least when I worked I could go to the bathroom and not have someone beating on the door!! Anyway, look forward to reading more from you. Now following from MBC.


That is the truth! Following from MBC

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