Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ranting and Raging

Im having one of those days today. My kids are out of control, pounding on walls and whining constantly about everything. They wont listen to a word I say. Like seriously can you give me a break please. I havent even been able to finish one cup of coffee today and I usually drink 3 at least. My head is literally pounding like someone is hammering it from inside and I cant get a moments peace!!! I try so hard to be a good mother and keep my cool as much as possible, but I cant seem to keep it all together today. My patience are wearing thin. And to top it all off my husband is being a giant pain in the butt. I usually bring him his lunch at work around 10ish since Emma got out of school cause our schedule has changed a little and kids sleep till like 9. So when he called this morning I told him I would be dropping his lunch off between 10:30- 11. Instead he calls me at like 8:45 and says, "Im gonna be at such and such in like five minutes, wanna bring me my lunch?" and me being the obedient wife that I am said,"sure give me like 15 mintues ive gotta throw it together." In return I get an immediate attitude as he said, " no just forget it, I dont have time to wait." Thats the thanks I get for catering to him everyday of his stinkin life right? SO, i said, " Ill have it done in a minute and run it down to you." He says, " well Ill try to still be here." UGH!!! I so wish I could have smacked him through the phone!!! So, I whip his lunch together in record time and throw the kids in the car and rush down there. Call his phone cause I see him and finally find him. I am proud and pompus at this point cause it took me like 5 minutes to get there and I so wanted to rub it in his face. But he when I got it to him he was so sickning sweet to me and thankful that I couldnt. He does that all the time when he knows I really wanna lay into him. I guess I should count my blessings that he doesnt like to push me, cause I can really be a brat sometimes.
SO it has been quite a day so far and I am so exhausted. I wish someone would give me a ton of money so I could go on vacation all by myself and just read a book and relax!!! Any takers?? Hope you all enjoy my ramblings!


Tethered Mommy

I'm following you from MBC. Sorry that you're having such a crummy day - hope it gets better!

Maggie at tethered mommy dot com

Angela Livingston

I feel your pain, sister! That could have been my family you were talking about. When I have days like that and I really start to feel like I'm losing it, I lock myself in the bathroom with a book or magazine. Literally "Calgon take me away!" I tell my kids it's "Mommy's time-out." It's about the only time I get to myself with 3 boys and a man-child husband. (He's wonderful, just a big kid) Being a mom is the hardest, most thankless and most important job there is. We make daily untold sacrifices to ensure our family is taken care of. Far too often our own personal needs fall to the wayside in the hustle and bustle of caring for the needs of our husband and children. The thing is taking care of ourselves enables us to better care for our family.


I am SO feeling you today! It's been chaos over here as well. Still haven't finished even one cup of coffee myself and it's 12:30 now. Bedtime cannot come any faster but WTG with getting your DH's lunch ready so fast! I would have told him to stuff it with an attitude like that. You're a better woman that I am! lol

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