Friday, June 18, 2010

My Crazy Life

Its been over a week since my last post and I still dont feel like Im caught up on anything. Ive been to the doctors, had blood work done and yes it seems I'm in perfect health, minus my huge spare tire and giant butt, LOL!! But thats another story right. I need to loose weight for me, but other then that, im good, thanks to the zoloft. I'm glad I finally gave in and realized I needed it because it has made a huge difference.But thats another story..
Anyways, Emma's last day of school was on Tuesday and they had there final assembly. Each year they pick a theme for the kids, last year was country and western and this year it was peace, love and happiness. Its really cute cause at the final assembly we get to dress them up for the years theme. So Emma was a pure flower child. I took some flowery fabric and cut slits in the bottom of her pants to make big bell bottoms sewed the fabric in the bottoms and then cut out heart holes and put fabric behind them. It was really cute. And Im gonna brag a lot, she won awards for good manners in the cafeteria and excellents in creative writing!! Im so proud her. Once we figured out that she had ADHD her grades improved so much. She was actually back to her old self again, such a sweet smart little girl. I love her to death.
After all that, we finally had a sunny day and I spent the day outside with my girls and my dog and read a book and relaxed for a couple hours and it was fabulous. That is until I got a wicked sunburn because I dont know enough to stay out of the sun. I plaster my girls with sunblock, but forget about myself. Not good!!
SO by Wednesday I was sore as heck and exhausted. Matt had a doctors appointment which didnt go well because he not as lucky as I am. His blood pressure is sky high and his sugar is out of wack, not good. After his appointment Mary Kate had her's, she had been pulling at her ears so I thought she had an ear infection, but it just ended up being virul, but...they found a heart murmur.SO we have another appointment in August to have a pediactric cardiologist ultrasound her heart. Please lets all pray that its nothing serious.
Then to Thursday which should have been an all around easy day, until my neighbor asked me to watch her extremely hyper child. I of course said yes, because Im not good with the "no" word. So that was a long draining day!!Needless to say Mary and Emma both have black eyes. One from a crayon and one from a finger, go figure right? And today we are off to the bank and I have to get a couple groceries. I think I am finally caught up now. And to think I wanted to try to find something to do to work from home. When in the world would I even have time to fit that in. I must be insane. But I do hope to get to go strawberry picking this weekend so I can get my jam made. I usually pick 32 quarts which makes like 20 pint jars, which last us almost a year. That will be next weeks project thought.

Have a great weekend Everyone!! And I hope you all enjoy my ramblings!!



Found you through MBC... following!

Hope you got your jam made. Motherhood can be crazy busy, I know!

Cute place you have here. Hugs!

Stuff could always be worse

yes found you on MBC...hope you have jam


hi danielle,
wow! what a week, but i know this might sound tough but someday, believe me you are going to look back on this week and smile at the memories, the time goes by so quick and the kids grow up so fast, ok, maybe you won't smile at the ped cardiologist... but i'm a special needs mom and it is all a journey! relish each moment! hope you get to make your jam, i'm allergic to strawberries but i'm sure homemade is delious!!
following now, so keep in touch!
shelley :)


Thanks every one for following me. And Shelley, what an amazing story you have. I started following you yesterday and you are a very inspiring women. I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts so yes, lets keep in touch. And since your allergic to strawberries, give me a month or so and Ill be making raspberry jam. Which is actually my favorite. The strawberry is for the rest of gang really.
Have a Blessed Day

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