Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ranting and Raging

Im having one of those days today. My kids are out of control, pounding on walls and whining constantly about everything. They wont listen to a word I say. Like seriously can you give me a break please. I havent even been able to finish one cup of coffee today and I usually drink 3 at least. My head is literally pounding like someone is hammering it from inside and I cant get a moments peace!!! I try so hard to be a good mother and keep my cool as much as possible, but I cant seem to keep it all together today. My patience are wearing thin. And to top it all off my husband is being a giant pain in the butt. I usually bring him his lunch at work around 10ish since Emma got out of school cause our schedule has changed a little and kids sleep till like 9. So when he called this morning I told him I would be dropping his lunch off between 10:30- 11. Instead he calls me at like 8:45 and says, "Im gonna be at such and such in like five minutes, wanna bring me my lunch?" and me being the obedient wife that I am said,"sure give me like 15 mintues ive gotta throw it together." In return I get an immediate attitude as he said, " no just forget it, I dont have time to wait." Thats the thanks I get for catering to him everyday of his stinkin life right? SO, i said, " Ill have it done in a minute and run it down to you." He says, " well Ill try to still be here." UGH!!! I so wish I could have smacked him through the phone!!! So, I whip his lunch together in record time and throw the kids in the car and rush down there. Call his phone cause I see him and finally find him. I am proud and pompus at this point cause it took me like 5 minutes to get there and I so wanted to rub it in his face. But he when I got it to him he was so sickning sweet to me and thankful that I couldnt. He does that all the time when he knows I really wanna lay into him. I guess I should count my blessings that he doesnt like to push me, cause I can really be a brat sometimes.
SO it has been quite a day so far and I am so exhausted. I wish someone would give me a ton of money so I could go on vacation all by myself and just read a book and relax!!! Any takers?? Hope you all enjoy my ramblings!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer is here

What a beautiful week we have had.The sun finally started to shine around here and it was gorgeous out. We have been picnicing outside under the shade tree for lunch everyday. Its funny how such a simple thing can bring such joy to my little girls. And the best part for me is afterwards I get to sit in the sun and read a book while they play in the sandbox and on the swingset. Such a simple thing, but it has been the best time. I started reading a new book, which has been really good for me. I used to read a book a day in my younger years, but it has been hard to find time lately. But I decided to make time. And I tell you it is the best thing I could have done for myself. Im enjoying my book and I have been so much more relaxed.
I am really enjoying my blog and all of my blog follwers. Im definetly still learning about it all. Like one question I have is how do I get my own blog button. Sounds pretty stupid, but I havent been able to figure it out. Plus any tips on how to improve my blog and my following would be greatly appreciated. I hope to hear from you all soon!!
Oh yeah, Im gonna post some pics that I forgot to post last week of Emma at her final assembly. Hope you all enjoy!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Making Your Own Curtains

So, Im really not impressed with the price of curtains these days, or with the price of anything for that matter. I have decided to make my own but I am pretty much illterate when it comes to sewing, sewing machines or anything crafty that takes talent, not just pure luck. So if anyone knows an EASY way to make nice curtains, I would really appreciate your help, advice, and support as it will be a long, hard, and daunting experience. Seriously any help will be greatly appreciated!! Thanks Everyone!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

My Crazy Life

Its been over a week since my last post and I still dont feel like Im caught up on anything. Ive been to the doctors, had blood work done and yes it seems I'm in perfect health, minus my huge spare tire and giant butt, LOL!! But thats another story right. I need to loose weight for me, but other then that, im good, thanks to the zoloft. I'm glad I finally gave in and realized I needed it because it has made a huge difference.But thats another story..
Anyways, Emma's last day of school was on Tuesday and they had there final assembly. Each year they pick a theme for the kids, last year was country and western and this year it was peace, love and happiness. Its really cute cause at the final assembly we get to dress them up for the years theme. So Emma was a pure flower child. I took some flowery fabric and cut slits in the bottom of her pants to make big bell bottoms sewed the fabric in the bottoms and then cut out heart holes and put fabric behind them. It was really cute. And Im gonna brag a lot, she won awards for good manners in the cafeteria and excellents in creative writing!! Im so proud her. Once we figured out that she had ADHD her grades improved so much. She was actually back to her old self again, such a sweet smart little girl. I love her to death.
After all that, we finally had a sunny day and I spent the day outside with my girls and my dog and read a book and relaxed for a couple hours and it was fabulous. That is until I got a wicked sunburn because I dont know enough to stay out of the sun. I plaster my girls with sunblock, but forget about myself. Not good!!
SO by Wednesday I was sore as heck and exhausted. Matt had a doctors appointment which didnt go well because he not as lucky as I am. His blood pressure is sky high and his sugar is out of wack, not good. After his appointment Mary Kate had her's, she had been pulling at her ears so I thought she had an ear infection, but it just ended up being virul, but...they found a heart murmur.SO we have another appointment in August to have a pediactric cardiologist ultrasound her heart. Please lets all pray that its nothing serious.
Then to Thursday which should have been an all around easy day, until my neighbor asked me to watch her extremely hyper child. I of course said yes, because Im not good with the "no" word. So that was a long draining day!!Needless to say Mary and Emma both have black eyes. One from a crayon and one from a finger, go figure right? And today we are off to the bank and I have to get a couple groceries. I think I am finally caught up now. And to think I wanted to try to find something to do to work from home. When in the world would I even have time to fit that in. I must be insane. But I do hope to get to go strawberry picking this weekend so I can get my jam made. I usually pick 32 quarts which makes like 20 pint jars, which last us almost a year. That will be next weeks project thought.

Have a great weekend Everyone!! And I hope you all enjoy my ramblings!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Living with a strick schedule

Recently I have noticed that I live on this rediculous schedule. If anything throws it off I am completly thrown for a loop. I feel like everything in my day has to be done at a certain time or in a certain time frame. I literally do the same thing nearly everyday.
My father is a truck driver and has been for years. He decided he was in the area and wanted to stop for dinner. Needless to say, I was completely unprepared. He of course wanted dinner, but I was worried that I didnt have enough. I only cook just enough, cause my family doesnt like leftovers??go figure. Plus, I had to wait for him to get here to eat, which was not untill like 7:00. We eat at 6:00 everynight, so that was the first thing. Then, I had to of course give the girls a bath, should have been done by 7, but never got done till like 8:30. And then Emma never got to bed till 9 which is an hour past her bed time. Which makes it very hard for me in the morning. She is a girl that needs her sleep. So after all of that and all the lateness, my father, God love him, never left here till like 11:30. My day starts at 5:15 am every morning so the next morning we were all so exhausted. I know it sounds like something simple and little to most people, but I keep a strict scedule for many reasons and mostly its to avoid meltdowns from my husband and kids. Needless to say we are all still trying to get caught up from the glitch in our schedule. SO after all of this my question is HOW? How do I become a more flexible person and not be stuck in such a routine? And How do I cope with it all when my schedule is thrown off?

Post it Notes!!

I got these from someone else's blog and I love them. What a cute idea. Hope everyone enjoys them!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Organic Family

I have been recently thinking of many ways I can ensure my kids health and I think that a big way is to eat organically. I know that on our budget it is very expensive to do this so we have tried to figure out ways to eat organically for less money. And that way seems to be by doing it all ourselves. We have planted an organic garden this year and I am very excited to feed my kids fresh organic vegetables. We also raise our own when it comes to beef, pork and poultry. I think this is very important. Even when it comes to milk. I recently heard that girls are beginning puberty earlier due to the hormones they are giving cows to inhance there milk supply. I never really thought about all the chemicals they ingest in our food and milk to make money. And can you imagine what they are doing for our bodies.
I have also tried to eliminate things with a long shelf life, I mean anything that you buy that has a experation date of more than a year from now cannot be filled with anything good for you. I try to bake snacks from scratch and I even make my own jams, jellies, and freeze all my own veggies. My husband and I make our own maple syrup each year with the kids and they love the time we share boiling sap. We have recently taken an interest in becoming bee keepers. My husband really wants to get into that and honey and bees for that matter are such a great source of natural healing.There are so many ways, as a stay at home mother, that we can all try and better our health and our childrens health.
Recently I have been curious how to make my own soaps, lotions and cleaners. If anyone has any recipes for those things please let me know and leave me a link to your blog so I can check them out.
I hope that I can continue to find ways to improve my families health and if any one has any questions please feel free to ask them. Im more than willing to help anyone lead a healthier life.

Monday, June 7, 2010

To work or Not to work

That is the question. Do I get a part time job or do we just struggle with money for the rest of the summer? I dont know what the best thing is for us and its a hard decision to make. There is a bartending job for about 5 hours a night that I could take, but that is five nights away from my husband and my kids just to make a few extra bucks. So, do I sacrafice my family time for money or do I just deal with not having any extra money? This never used to be a hard decision. I always worked my butt off and at times had three jobs outside of the home when Emma was little. But I missed so much of her life because of it. So I promised myself I wouldnt do that again and I have been home for two years. I refuse to put Mary into daycare so if I do work its the evening shifts, which means exhaustion and more stress for me. My husband already works two jobs now and he is thinking about going on the road driving truck again for better money, but I really really really do not want that to happen. SO whats the right choice to make? No matter what we do, we are some how sacraficing time with our kids. The economy stinks!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pickles and Peanut Butter

Pickles and Peanut Butter, that is what I am covered with. My goodness I wonder why oh why do I ever get dressed at all. Stains and messes seem to follow me everywhere. As does my messy little toddler who seems to get into everything possible. Today she has been behind me every step yelling"peekle, peekle, peekle."Its so cute I can't not give her one, even though she only sucks on it and then throws it on the floor. Oh well, the things we do to make our kids happy!!

When it rains it pours

For some reason things never happen little by little in our family. We always seem to get bombarded by everything at once. Yesterday seemed like a normal Wednesday. I did all my normal boring house chores, watched my Joyce Meyers program in the morning for my daily dose of inspiration, and actually had five minutes to update my blog. Everything seemed great, that is until a little after 3:00 when my husband decided to change the oil in our car himself to save some money and found a cracked head gasket. Now me being the big car buff that I am, said ok, what does that mean? Well apparently that is a like a big part of the motor and its really bad. I had a feeling that we needed to trade that car in soon and we planned on it by the end of the summer, before I start college. So now we have to put a ton of money in it that we dont have before we can even trade it in, and then we are gonna have to put money on a new car and of course while all this is happening we have a mountain of bills piling up and I AM SO FRUSTRATED!! I am a true believer in Our Lord Jesus and I know that things happen for a reason, but sometimes I do not understand those reasons. I keep praying for a miracle of money to show up, but who knows. We have been stuggling with bills since I quit working to stay home which has been a little over 2 years now, but we have always seemed to pay them somehow. And I have always trusted that the Lord will provide us what we need, not necessarily what we want, but what we need. And He always has, but when these situations arise, it is hard to put our complete trust in him and pray he figures it all out for us. Is it wrong to doubt in Him like this? I mean, I know it is wrong, but is it something that others may struggle with too? And what can I do to keep the faith during hard times?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What a weekend

We had a great family weekend, with absolutely no plans. It seems to be the way to go for us. We always seem to have the best times when we dont plan to do anything imparticular. Matt had to work on Saturday of course, for his second job. He works so hard to support us all so I dont have to work and can be home with my baby and concentrate on school. What a wonderful husband I have. Anyways, we had a bbq at his mothers with all of his family, there is a ton of them, and it went really well. There have been times that I have been more then ready to come home after a wonderful night with his family, but this time was different. Everyone was in a good mood and his mother, God love her, was actually really nice. She can at times be a little difficult to deal with, LOL! But needless to say it was a lot of good old fashioned family fun.

On Sunday we woke up without a plan and decided to go check out some lawn sales, instead we ended up at Walmart(not much different then a lawn sale,LOL)and got the girls a slip and slide and a sprinkler thing and new making bathing suits, so cute. We set them up when we got home and they played until they were blue and freezing. I never knew how much joy $14 worth of water toys could bring my kids, but I'll remember that.

Of course Monday we had the parade in town. The first one Mary Kay has really seen, she loved the marching band and the fact that everyone would clap when they went by, she was clapping the whole time. Its wonderful to see the excitement in your childrens eyes to watch such a simple thing. Its unbelievable the things we take for granted as adults.

After the parade we got the girls changed into there suits and tons and tons of sun screen, and away they went. Two hours later, mommy was burnt to a crisp, all except for a couple patches on each arm where the kids sun screen rubbed off on me. Its really attractive, you should see, LOL!!Later that night we had a bbq and I made fruit pizza and it was fabulous!! It was just an all around wonderful RELAXING weekend!! We havent had one of them in so long. Its helps me to remember to stop and appreciate all the small things in life that I over look quite often. Like how beautiful and talanted my Emma Grace is and how intreging Mary Kay is because she is discovering everything for the first time. Again another reason to stop and thank God for all of our blessings. We may not have had a huge elaborate vacation weekend, but we made the most of what we had.