Tuesday, May 25, 2010

All about me

Where to start...Ok, I'm a mother and a wife and soon will be a nursing student. I start college this fall and I am so excited and so nervous at the same time. I'm praying that God will give me the confidence in myself to do my best. I'm sure He will.
Ok, so lets talk about my girls. I have two beautiful girls. Emma Grace is 8 years old and Mary Kathryn is 21 months old. They are both wonderfully opinonated and strong girls. But both still need all of mama's attention. I also have three step teenagers....yes teenagers. Samantha is 19 and out on her own at this point, Brianna is 16 and she is trying to find her place in life and then there is Cody, he's 18 and the first teenage boy, and only teenage boy, I will ever deal with.I'm so glad I had girls!!! But I love them all, they are fabulous.
And Last but definetly not least, My Husband, Matthew Eric. I love him so so so much. I never believed there was really a true sole mate for each of us until I met him.He is fantastic. He is a super hard worker and he provides for all of us. I really cant say a single bad thing about him, at least today I cant, hahaha!!
Well that is all me, My family is my life, they mean the world to me. I try to do everything to make them all happy everyday. I thank the Lord each and everyday for all of them, without them, I wouldnt be me....



Congrats on college! I'm sure you'll do wonderfully and will be a great nurse!


Thank you for that!! I hope I have as much faith in myself as you have in me!!


You do have one busy, big family - I run a childcare, so I can relate (though not to getting up at 5am, ouch!).

Congratulations on making the decision to go to nursing school, I think this is simply awesome.

Let us know if you need encouragement!

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