Thursday, July 1, 2010

day two headache

A non-stop headache for the second day in a row is not much fun. Im definetly feeling the pressure to perform my motherly duties today. The only time the pain subsides is when I have my head pressed into a pillow. And we all know how much time I have to do that. Also, in about an hour, my daughters friend will be here for a sleep over. Sometimes I think I'm trying to punish myself by taking on so much, but my problem is saying the word "no". It seems like such a simple word, but to me it means dissappointing someone. And I dont like to do that. I guess its something that Im going to have to work on. But for now, i'll just keep pushing on, and waiting for words of encouragement from a few new friends. Thanks again everyone for listening to my babblings.



Don't be so hard on yourself and learning to say "no" can be one of the most precious things to learn. You have a good heart. Don't let your good heart create headaches! I hope you feel better soon. I'm just getting over a 3 day sinus headache myself so I feel your pain. Take it easy, mama!

Kari Day

Oh, being a mom is the hardest thing EVER!!! I so wish I could come and help you! We could have coffee, hang out, and send all the kids outside to play. We can keep the backdoor shut and locked! he he....

Thank you for commenting on my blog! I hope your day gets better and you get some peace. Maybe the kids will suddenly decide to sit quietly and read books by themselves for a whole hour! (That's a dream alright!) LOL


Aww we all have those days. Just remember there is tomorrow and the next day. Being a parent is the hardest job and the most rewarding job. Have faith!



You have just describe the dilemma of mommyhood.

It was hard for me too. It took a while to cultivate the "NO" skill. However, now that I can say no...i have more mommy time, which means more time to connect with God and more time to decompress.

What helped for me was the revelation that the very first thing God gave me responsibility over was my own life. Sometimes we feel that self care is selfish and somehow not pleasing to God

But what can be better for our families than being a well-rested, spiritually fueled, anxiety-free mom.

Don't think I have hours free to chill out. But that first half hour in the morning has done wonders!!!


No. No. No. No.

Look in the mirror. Practice it. Find nice ways to say it if you need to. But it is one of the most important skills us moms can cultivate. Otherwise, we'd be running around in 10 different directions.

It is within you to do this. I know it. Because you are a mom.


Oh, and I came over from MBC to follow you!


You guys are all fantastic. It is so nice to hear that Im not the only one having these days. Not thats its good that you do, but you know what I mean. Things are always hard but they are somehow I manage to get through it. I will be needing everyones support soon as I start college on August 30th. I am taking 17 credits and I am already feeling overwhelmed. Again, thanks everyone, you are all so sweet.!!


I'm so sorry. Everyone that posted a comment is right, it's so hard to say 'no' but sometimes it's the most important thing we can do to keep our sanity.

Feel better!


Do not worry about saying no. I know, easier said than done. But here's the thing: A guitar string can only be stretched so far. Saying yes to everything doesn't mean people will say 'yes' to you, as a person. Just be you.

And if you should ever wonder what doing the bare minimum really looks like, read what I do in a day. You do more sleeping in than I do all week. You are a superstar no matter what. Now knock it off and get some rest. xoxox

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