Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So my baby has been sick for almost a week straight with a fever and no other symptoms. We have taken her to the doctors twice now and they had to take a urine sample from her by straight cath and it was HORRIBLE. I wish i knew what was wrong with her. I hate to see her like this. Any ideas would be really appreciated.
Back to school next week. Im excited and worried at the same time. Lots on my plate when Im in school. I feel like I sometimes have to put my family on the back burner a little bit so I am able to get everything done. And that makes me feel like a bad wife and mother. I just hope I am able to balance everything. I know I love college and love to learn. I know it will all pay off in the end and I am praying for strength and support from God and my Family.
I am also praying for my husband right now. I feel like he is struggling and I know its because he is overworked. He works so many hours overtime during the snowy months and he is so miserable right now. I feel like I am his punching bag and I wish sometimes he would stop and think about how that makes me feel. I love him dearly, but I can only take so much before I blow. Please pray that God will give me strength to deal with all of life's stressors. If anyone has any advice about how to take care of all this, my ears are open!!



Oh, no! I'm sorry I do't have any suggestions... my little girl is sick too with this horrible cough. It *does* just break your heart.

Try not to stress too much over everything. Take it little by little and you will feel less overwhelmed.

Prayers for your babe.

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