Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lots to Do

So it has been forever since I have posted anything. Things have been crazy around here with moving and registration for school and day care and college. But I think Im almost ready. Even though there is still so much to do. Im the procrasinator when it comes to school shopping and supplies and this year it seems its even worse since I have to buy for 3 of us. I need stuff for college, Emma for school and Mary Kate for daycare. Where in the world is all the money going to come from. I just keep praying that it all works itself out and I have faith in God that it will. He always seems to help us make it through. I guess thats what happens when you leave it all up to him. Ive learned that is the only way to handle it all. Plus it relieves me of a lot of stress which is wonderful for me and for my husband who seems to be my punching bag. Good thing he's tough.
Our new house is wonderful. We all seem to be adjusted to it now and it seems like its always been home. Kinda like we were always supposed to be here. Its funny how things work out. I have been praying for a new house and to move for nearly a year now and even though I have tried to always be patient we know I may not always have been. But I actually started thanking God for my blessings and let him know that even if I didnt like the house we were in I was thankful for it and understood that at that time it was what we needed. And also that I knew when it was right we would move and it would be just what we wanted. And it is so much made just for us. Im different then most people and I really enjoy old farm houses and renovating rather then newer houses with no personality. This house is ours and its perfect for us and I am so blessed and I am so babbling!!OOPS. LOL!!
SO, anyway, things are great and Im so blessed and I hope and pray that everyone out there realizes how blessed they are. I know sometimes it can be difficult to see the good through the bad, but keep trying, its there. And its amazing how good it can make you feel to focus on the positive and not the negative so God Bless you all!! Have a great week!!



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